Swinburne Keck Science Workshop

26 - 28 March 2012                                        Workshop

A two and a half day workshop to highlight the latest science from the Keck telescopes. This inaugural workshop will bring the 'Keck family' to Swinburne University in Australia to share their common interests and scientific results from the world's largest optical telescopes.

The Workshop will take place in Swinburne Place South, room SPS 136 on the Swinburne University Hawthorn campus. Click here for a campus map.

27 March 2012                          Australian Winetasting

MC: Prof. Brian Schmidt of Maipenrai
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28 March 2012                               Evening Public Talk

Prof. Shri Kulkarni - "The Dynamic Universe"

Sponsored in part by Silicon Graphics

Last Updated: Apr 02 2012