Getting there.....

The conference center is located in the city of Chania on Crete.

Direct flight to Chania (where possible).

Domestic flight from Athens to Chania.

Flights between Athens and Chania are offered by these airlines:

Link to Olympic Airways
Link to Aegean Airlines

Flight to Iraklion, Crete, and then by bus or taxi to Chania.

Iraklion is 145 Km (90 miles) from Chania. The bus fare is 9,4 Euro (aprx US$8) and takes about 2 hours and 30 minutes. The taxi costs approximately 73.40 Euro (US$70).

Chania can be also reached by ferry from Piraeus, Athens with Anek Lines.

Link to Anek Lines

This trip takes approximately 10 hours. Departure is daily at 20:00.

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