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Equity and Diversity at the Centre for Astrophysics and Supercomputing

The Centre for Astrophysics and Supercomputing (CAS) is committed to providing a supportive and equitable work place for all staff and students, regardless of gender, ethnicity, disability and sexual preference. The CAS Equity and Diversity committee meets regularly to discuss equity and diversity matters.

The goal of the CAS Equity and Diversity committee is to

  • Promote a positive workplace culture which embraces diversity;
  • Develop and implement best practice with regards to gender, ethnicity, disability and sexual preference for appointments, promotions and student admissions within CAS;
  • Investigate new schemes to support staff and students with significant carer responsibilities;
  • Lead the University in gender, diversity and equity matters;
  • Record and report on the gender and diversity of applicants, shortlists and final appointments for all academic and student appointments, and for academic promotions.

Committee Membership

Deanne Fisher (chair), Virginia Kilborn, Glenn Kacprzak, Ned Taylor, Jade Powell, Nikole Nielsen, Daniel Reardon, Jonah Gannon, Brodie Norfolk

If you have an issue or question related to Equity and Diversity within CAS you can email the entire Equity and Diversity committee (, or contact any individual on the committee to which you feel comfortable speaking.

Bullying & Harassment

The CAS Equity & Diversity committee is committed to making our centre a more friendly environment to work in. You can feel free to discuss any of these issues with members.

If you have experienced bullying and harassment in any situation involving CAS or Swinburne people and do not feel comfortable talking to your advisor or line-manager about it you can consider the Swinburne official reporting on these situations. This can be accessed at the Swinburne Safer Community website.

ASA Pleiades Silver Award to CAS

The Centre for Astrophysics and Supercomputing is proud to be a Silver Pleiades Award winner: ASA Pleiades Awards. The Pleiades Awards recognise organisations in Australian astronomy that take active steps to advance the careers of women through focused programs and strive for sustained improvement in providing opportunities for women to achieve positions of seniority, influence and recognition.

Information on the working environment at CAS

For potential staff/students, we have prepared an information sheet on the working and living environment at CAS, and in Melbourne in general. Please follow this link to download the information sheet.

Current committee priorities

The CAS equity and diversity committee has set a priority to improve the hiring process within the Centre, to ensure it is a fair and equitable process with the aim of increasing the diversity of staff, and ensuring we do not omit excellent staff from short lists due to unconscious bias. The committee has developed a new hiring policy that can be found at the address below:

Other areas of priority are:

  • Improving the harassment and bullying procedures for staff within CAS and the wider university
  • Increasing the gender diversity of academic staff in CAS
  • Contributing to the equity and diversity policies of the faculty and University in general

CAS conference policy

The EDC has developed conference guidelines for all conferences/workshops organised by CAS staff with the aim of increasing diversity and equity amongst participants. The guidelines can be found here:

Gender Equality at Swinburne University

Swinburne University has made equity and diversity a high priority. For further information about University-wide initiatives, please follow this link.

Support within Swinburne University

Staff Resources

Students Resources



For questions on Equity and Diversity within CAS please contact the Equity and Diversity committee (, or the committee chair Deanne Fisher (