Tim Connors' Publications

My thesis on "High Resolution Simulations of Galactic Cannibalism", December 2008.

The third paper to result from my PhD: "On the origin of anomalous velocity clouds in the Milky Way"

The second paper (accepted by MNRAS, 07 Jun 2006) to result from my PhD: "N-body Simulations of the Magellanic Stream"

The first paper from my PhD program: "High-resolution N-body Simulations of Galactic Cannibalism: The Magellanic Stream" - an initial model of the Magellanic Stream, taking into account new observations of the stream.

The paper resulting from a vacation project I took part in -- "The radio luminosity distribution of pulsars in 47 Tucanae".

The paper resulting from my honours thesis is published by MNRAS -- "The 2000 Periastron Passage of PSR B1259-63"

Not so publicated publications:

My honours thesis from a few years ago, "Modelling Pulsar/Be Star Binary System PSR B1259-63/SS2883 Periastron and Eclipse in 2000", appears here (1.2MB).

The 2nd prize winning poster I produced (1.1MB) for the Swinburne research week, 2002, which was aimed at the general academic community, not astrophysicists in particular.

The 1st prize winning talk I did at the 2004 ASA meeting, which won primarily because of the movie :) (warning, 9MB gzipped - you'll want to use xanim under linux (in particular, xanim -geometry +115+1 +o +Zp0 +Zpe +Zr +j50 <filename.fli>) to view this -- sorry, I don't care about legacy OSs such as Windows enough to worry about how you go about viewing it under Windows). See a newer alternative version of the movie: 34MB, gzipped; 99MB when ungzipped)

The talk I did at the 2005 ASA meeting, which was cool primarily because of the movie :) (warning, 30MB gzipped; same comments as rest of above)

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