Sound - Part 1

What is sound and how does it work? This two part visit will cover what sound is and how it travels. We'll do some activities to create sound and test how it travels through different mediums. We'll also make our own instruments and learn about pitch in both wind and string instruments.

What is sound?

What is a wave?

Activity 1 : Chinese whipsers. Have kids sit on the floor. Wisper something to the nearest kid and have them send the whipser on to the next persion. Continue for 5 or 10 people. Have the last person annouce to the class what the message was. Information was passed through a wave of whipsers.

Activity 2: Get the kids to stand in single file about an arm length apart. Have a message whispers down the line. This is the same way a sound wave carries information.

What does sound travel through?

Activity 3: Have the kids stand in two stright lines just half an arm legnth apart in each row. (They should stand with their arms bent but touching the shoulder of the person in front of them.) Timing the two groups, have them (gently!!) bump the person behind them and pass the bump backwards. Next have the kids in each row stand more than an arms length apart. Again time them as they pass a bump down the line. Finally have the kids stand two giant steps apart for the person next to them. Time them again as they pass the bump down the line. But now the bumped person is not allowed to bump the person behind them until the first kids is back in their original spot. Which was fastest? When the kids were all bunched up or when the kids were all streched far apart? This is a bit like how long it takes sound to travel through a solid (atoms are all bunched up), through a liquid (molecular are close but not as close as in a solid) and a gas (the atoms are quite far apart from each other).

How do we hear sound?

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