Dr Michelle Cluver

ARC Future Fellow, Senior Lecturer

Swinburne University of Technology

My broad research interest is at the intersection of the physics that drives (and inhibits) star formation, and the cascade of these effects on the elemental chemistry of star formation, i.e. the interplay between gas, dust, stars, and gravity. 

The research focus of my Future Fellowship is on the evolution of galaxies within groups, a key environment in the transformation of galaxies from star-forming disks to bulge-dominated, relatively quiescent systems. By using mid-infrared (e.g. WISE) and radio (e.g. MeerKAT and ASKAP, the SKA Pathfinders) wavelengths, we can ameliorate the effects of dust extinction in order to probe stellar mass, star formation and the distribution of neutral gas, the fuel for star formation, in these systems. Increasing our understanding of the impact of environment on the physics and chemistry of star formation, will enable us to inform semi-analytic models of galaxy evolution. Click on the "Research" link above to find out more. 

I am currently involved with the GAMA (http://www.gama-survey.org/), Taipan (http://taipan-survey.org), DEVILS (https://devilsurvey.org/wp/), and WAVES (https://wavesurvey.org/)  surveys. These enable us to determine a baseline for group evolution (GAMA and Taipan) that can then be probed at higher redshifts (DEVILS, WAVES). 

Click on the "CV" link above for an exhaustive history of my career so far.