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  1. To search for a location: there are four options:
    1. enter the address in the search box;
    2. enter coordinates as decimal degrees;
    3. enter coordinates as DD:MM:SS; or
    4. scroll and zoom the map until you find the place you are looking for.
    Note: use - for south (S) latitudes and - for west (W) longitudes.
  2. To add a location: click on the map and enter a name. Click Add It to accept or the x to cancel.
  3. To edit a location: click the edit link next to the location you want to modify. You can add a URL, change the name, but you cannot move the location.
  4. To remove a location: untick the box in the Keep column and click Update Map
Once you are happy with your new location, you can Suggest it by clicking the link beside your chosen entry. Suggested entries are reviewed by the Astronomical Tourist administrator prior to inclusion on the Master map.

Locations that do not have sufficient information provided will not be considered.

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