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Images from Russell Croman Astrophotography (
Copyright 2006 Russell Croman,
minimum credit line: Russell Croman

Dusty Galaxy NGC 4565. Dusty Galaxy NGC 3628.

Images from R. Jay GaBany (
Copyright 2008 R Jay GaBany,
minimum credit line: R. Jay GaBany

Dusty Galaxy NGC 253. Dusty Galaxy NGC 891.

Image from Robert Gendler (
Copyright 2005 Robert Gendler,
minimum credit line: Robert Gendler

Andromeda Galaxy.

Image Credit: C.Howk (JHU), B.Savage (U. Wisconsin), N.A.Sharp (NOAO)/WIYN/NOAO/NSF.

Dusty galaxy NGC 891.

Image Credit: Bruce Hugo, Leslie Gaul, Adam Block/NOAO/AURA/NSF.

Dusty Galaxy NGC 4565.