New peanut allergy test gives hope -
POTENTIAL allergy sufferers could soon avoid the risk of a severe anaphylactic reaction when being tested for peanut intolerence. Researchers from the Murdoch Childrens Research Institute have identified a new two-stage test that reduces the need to ...

Astronomers discover 'emerald-cut' galaxy

Swinburne University Media Centre -
An international team of astronomers has discovered a rare square galaxy with a striking resemblance to an emerald cut diamond. The astronomers - from Australia, Germany, Switzerland and Finland - discovered the rectangular shaped galaxy within a group ...

Hospital hero? This frog has the makings of a lifesaver

Sydney Morning Herald -
A living germ killer … a green and golden bell frog at Taronga Zoo. It belongs to a species which secretes chemicals that can kill bacterial strains resistant to antibiotic drugs.

Explorer draws on endurance to follow Shackleton

Sydney Morning Herald -
A man on a mission ... environmental scientist and explorer Tim Jarvis is preparing for an expedition from South America to Antarctica.

WA's bamboo sharks at US festival

The West Australian -
A Perth researcher's short film about embryonic bamboo sharks has been selected to screen at a prestigious US film festival. Survival of the Stillest: Bamboo Sharks, filmed by University of WA shark biologist Ryan Kempster, includes footage of a shark ...

Scientists Discover Sharpest Teeth in History -
A team of scientists from Monash University and the University of Bristol has found that the tiny teeth of a long-extinct prehistoric fish are the sharpest that have ever been recorded.

Ancient sites spotted from space

BBC News -
Thousands of possible early human settlements have been discovered by archaeologists using computers to scour satellite images. Jason Ur said he had found about 9000 potential new sites in north-eastern Syria.

Coal Seam Gas and fugitive emissions

Crikey (blog) -
At the point of combustion, natural gas is the least dirty fossil fuel of all; not only does it produce more heat per kilogram of CO2 produced than any other fossil fuel, power stations burning gas use that heat more efficiently.

SpaceX Dragon to deliver groceries to ISS next month

Private spaceflight has been inching along for the last several years, but next month may be a major stepping stone for the industry: SpaceX's Dragon capsule is scheduled to launch on April 30 on an unmanned cargo delivery mission to the International ...

Spring Arrives With Equinox Tuesday, Earliest in Over a Century -
by Joe Rao, Skywatching Columnist Across much of the United States, this has been an unusually mild winter, especially for those living east of the Mississippi.

Einstein's manuscripts to be posted online -
ALBERT Einstein's complete archives - from personal correspondence with half a dozen lovers to notebooks scribbled with his groundbreaking scientific research - are going online for the first time.

Spider venom to be tested for pesticide potential

Register -
By Simon Sharwood, APAC Editor • Get more from this author Australia's Grains Research and Development Corporation (GRDC) has asked researchers to replicate peptides, the nastiest bits of spider venom, in the hope they make pesticides to which insects ...

The world codes for NASA in International Space Apps Challenge

Ars Technica -
By Curt Hopkins | Published March 19, 2012 2:28 PM An international code-a-thon is set to take place in April on seven continents.

Laser 'Unprinter' to Boost Paper Reuse over Recycling

Waste Management World -
Cambridge University has run successful trails that utilised a laser 'unprinter' to remover toner from paper, leaving it fit for reuse ahead of recycling.

Cabinet member criticises land conflict proposal

Sydney Morning Herald -
"It also tells you just how much discussion is going on and the fact that we still may have a way to go, I believe, on reaching a balance" ... Kevin Humphries. Photo: Brian Harvey THE O'Farrell government's draft policy for resolving land use conflicts ...

State prepares action plan on climate change

Times of India -
Kolkata: The state will send its final draft on the action plan on climate change to the Centre in a few days. The plan includes the government's strategy to address the problems of rising levels of sea water to melting Himalayan glaciers.

Sandwich structure enables cheaper, more efficient hydrogen fuel cells

Gizmag -
By Darren Quick For the predicted hydrogen economy to become a reality, fuel cells must become more efficient and cost effective. Researchers from the University of Central Florida (UCF) claim to have addressed both these problems by creating a ...

Dazzling Autumn Sky Show

The Westender -
Autumn in Australia is great for sky gazers. We have some of the best skies in the world. The sky is full of bright stars, prominent constellations and fascinating celestial sights.