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Swinburne Astrophysics and Supercomputing Winter School

The Centre for Astrophysics and Supercomputing holds Astrophysics and Supercomputing Winter Schools each year. The School includes introductory lectures, research summaries, visualisation and data labs in computational astrophysics. The course is aimed at students in the later stages of their physics, mathematics, engineering and computer science degrees.

2007 CAS Winter School

Image Credit. S. Tingay

Nine students from Australia and New Zealand attended the second CAS Winter School on July 11, 12 and 13 2007.

They were:

  • Jay Blanchard, Anita Titmarsh (U. Tasmania)
  • David Jolly, Hamish Silverwood (U. Canterbury)
  • Nick Cvetojevic (Macquarie U.)
  • Hannah Kennely (U. Sydney)
  • Adrian Murdock (Curtin U.)
  • Peter Jensen, Brendan Griffen (U. Qld)

Some of the research presentations can be accessed below:

What is Dark Energy? Chris Blake CBlake_WS2007.pdf
Visualisation in the Virtual Observatory Era Chris Fluke CFluke_WS2007.doc

From left to right: David Jolly, Hannah Kennelly, Nick Cvetojevic, Jay Blanchard, Brendan Griffen, Peter Jensen, Anita Titmarsh, Hamish Silverwood, Adrian Murdock

2006 CAS Winter School

Nine students from Australia and New Zealand attended the first CAS Winter School on July 13,14 2006. They were:

  • Warren Hankey, Kylie Haugstetter, James Gill (U. Tasmania)
  • Emily Brunsden, Michele Bannister (U. Canterbury)
  • Bradley Fraser ((Macquarie U.)
  • David Williamson (Victoria University Wellington)
  • Ryan Burwood (Curtin U.)
  • Tristan O'Hanlon (U. Auckland)

From left to right: James Gill, Warren Hankey, David Williamson, Tristan O'Hanlon, Ryan Burwood, Michele Bannister, Emily Brunsden, Kylie Haugstetter, Bradley Fraser