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Vivek Venkatraman Krishnan

My PhD Thesis mainly focuses on developing new instrumentation techniques for time domain astronomy. I will specifically focus on new “Telescope Generic” ways to detect and excise radio frequency interference which is crucial at the dawn of the SKA era. I will also develop efficient algorithms for detection, analysis and timing of pulsars and other fast radio transients at real time harnessing the advancements in computer science such as massively parallel computing architectures and big data management. I will primarily use the Molonglo Observatory Synthesis Telescope (UTMOST) for my thesis which is currently being refurbished to have a new backend. Hence, I will be helping with several aspects of the refurbishment during the initial part of my PhD. Apart from UTMOST, I will also use the MEERKAT radio telescope and the CSIRO Parkes radio telescope for developing and testing my techniques. Once the techniques are developed, I will use them to do high precision pulsar timing and transient searching with the telescopes mentioned above.

Office   AMDC812.04