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Dr. Tyler Pritchard

Within a general interest of extragalactic and transient astrophysics, my research focus lies in the understanding of the emission properties and progenitors of core collapse Supernovae. By obtaining multi-wavelength observations, including the poorly observed UV wavelengths, and comparing against modern computational models I look to improve our understanding of these physical systems and how these cataclysmic events relate to the messy, turbulent ends of massive stars.

With high-redshift ccSNe surveys underway for Type IIn and super luminous events we are pushing our understanding obtained locally with HST, Swift, and a host of ground based instruments to higher redshifts and earlier times. This allows us to work towards understanding the evolution of these explosions, their progenitors, exploring hard to detect timescales such as the UV shock breakout, and possible cosmological uses.

Phone   +61 3 9214 8302
Fax   +61 3 9214 8797
Office   AR 312
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