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Themiya Nanayakkara

In my project I plan to use precise photometric redshift data from the new state of the art MOSFIRE instrument at the Keck telescopes, with pre-selected data from the ZFOURGE survey and deep imaging from the Hubble Space Telescope to study a number of galaxy populations across a range of cosmic environments.

The study of galaxy clusters provides us with a significant amount of science because their high density environments contain physical processors that can be used in studies to understand the cosmological mass assembly, galaxy formation and evolution. At present there is a significant deflect in the available data around a redshift of 2.

For the first part of my project I plan to observe the selected group of galaxy clusters around a redshift of 2, collect data from MOSFIRE and reduce the spectra which can be used to complete the evolutionary time-line of the massive structure of the universe in this redshift gap. I will select data from the ZFOURGE survey and make measurements of the galaxy physical structure from the HST CANDELS survey. Then I would use the MOSFIRE data to measure the star formation rates, metallicity and velocity dispersions of the galaxies in the selected populations.

Apart from my research I am also interested in science outreach to help engage the local communities in astronomy related activities to enthuse them on science and related fields.

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