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Prof. Sarah Maddison

I lead the planets group at Swinburne and am involved in a number of projects to explore the first dust grains that formed in our solar system and survey the dust content of planet-forming disks in the solar neighbourhood. We use a range of numerical codes (N-body, hydro, thermodynamical, radiative transfer) and telescopes (Australia Telescope Compact Array, Sub-Millimetre Array) to study the formation and evolution of protoplanetary disks and the dust in these disks, as well as planetary dynamics and planet-disk interactions. I am also interested in the initial conditions for star formation in the Large Magellanic Cloud, which I study observationally using millimetre and sub-millimetre telescopes (Mopra, Nanten2). I am involved in a range of outreach activities, including the 3D AstroTour program at Swinburne and CSIRO Scientists In Schools program, and teach into Swinburne Astronomy Online.

Phone   +61 3 9214 5971
Office   SPS115
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