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Sabine Bellstedt

Early-type galaxies (consisting of elliptical and lenticular galaxies) have in recent years been understood to display a large range of kinematic features, despite how homogeneous these galaxies appear from their imaging alone. We attribute these variances in kinematic features to be due to the varying formation histories that individual galaxies have, and through a combination of observational analysis and theoretical studies, we can now begin to identify what kind of formation history an individual galaxy may have undergone based on their observable features.

Most such studies have focussed on high-mass early-type galaxies. My work looks at the lower-mass early-type galaxies, to understand whether their formation scenarios mirror those of the higher mass galaxies, or whether there are different mechanisms at play. I also utilise kinematic mass modelling techniques to determine the total mass distribution within these galaxies, to understand how a galaxy's formation affects it's matter distribution (both stellar and dark), and to identify theoretically predicted trends observationally in the low-mass parameter space.

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