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Jacob Seiler

Understanding modern day structure depends critically on how well we can track the evolution of galaxies from small gravitational perturbations near the beginning of the Universe, through to the massive objects we currently observe. One important period in the evolution of the Universe is the Epoch of Reionization which marks the phase transition from a nearly homogenous Universe, to one that is highly structured. Probing this epoch presents an observational difficulty as the extreme distances prevent significant measurements from being made. My PhD will involve incorporating the physics behind the Epoch of Reionization into current models of galaxy formation. A further goal of my project will involve determining exactly how reionization proceeds; whether an 'inside-out' or more complex model better reproduces the observations we have.

My PhD is being performed under the supervision of Prof. Darren Croton at Swinburne, with additional supervision from Dr Anne Hutter and Assoc. Prof. Emma Ryan-Weber.

Phone   +61 3 9214 5354
Office   SA108