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Grace Lawrence

Surprisingly, 80% of our universe’s mass is made up by a mysterious, non-illuminating substance called dark matter. Its nature remains one of the greatest mysteries in modern astrophysics and its discovery has catapulted physicists into a new era. Completing my Honours year studies through Swinburne, I focus on a new project to detect dark matter called SABRE (Sodium Iodide Active Background Rejection Experiment) which is searching for this new, theorised particle.

From observations, we know that the Milky Way is encompassed in a dark matter halo. My research interests primarily involve using N-body simulations to model Milky-Way like galaxies to better understand how dark matter structure and distribution effects and shapes our galaxies. The use of these results can be implemented to create a better understanding of dark matter’s influence on galaxy formation history and can also be used to add validity to, and generate predictions for current direct detection experiments, like SABRE.

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