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Dr. Anne Hutter

My research focuses on understanding the evolution of the intergalactic medium (IGM) and galaxies during the Epoch of Reionization. Post-processing cosmological simulations with semi-numerical and numerical schemes, I study the distribution and evolution of the ionized regions in the IGM, and their dependence on galaxy properties. In this context I have used my models for high-redshift galaxies and reionization to derive observable quantities, such as Lyman-alpha & UV luminosity functions, 21cm brightness temperature maps and cross correlations between 21cm and galaxies.

I am interested in working towards a semi-numerical model that allows us to understand not only the impact of sources with different properties on the ionization topology, but also how the change in the ionization and thermal state during reionization affects the subsequent galaxy and structure formation.

Phone   +61 3 9214 5825
Fax   +61 3 9214 8797
Office   SA 109A