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Trooper Foran

I am involved in several projects for my thesis work. Firstly, I am looking at the long-term benefits of prolonged sleep, with my tongue hanging out, dreaming about slow cats. This will have major implications for future long distance space travel and whether space missions should ever allow selfish, constantly preening, useless cats on board. My second project involves astronomical applications of smell. It is however very much dependent on whether future high-z observations ever find power poles, fences, rubbish bins or other dogs in space. My third project is an e-science sociological investigation into PhD students in astronomy - it's top secret but it involves quietly walking around the open office environment at CAS and recording things that other PhD students do. Finally, I'm a research assistant to Garry Foran who sits next to me in my office and occasionally wakes me up.

Phone   ...
Fax   +61 3 9214 8797
Office   ARWoof