SAO Assessment Details

Assessment Tasks

Assessment for Swinburne Astronomy Online units do not include examinations: it is made up of a balanced mix of essays, projects, computer-managed tests and newsgroup contributions. In most (non-Major Project) units, the final grade breakdown is as follows:

  • essay (in HET602, HET603, HET607, HET624) - contributes up to 50%
  • two online tests - contribute up to 20%
  • project (in HET606, HET608, HET609, HET610, HET611, HET614, HET618, HET620, HET625) - contributes up to 50%
  • newsgroups - contribute up to 30%
  • online debate (in HET616) - contributes up to 50%

Grade Scale

Final grades in all SAO units are awarded on the scale:

    High Distinction HD 85% - 100%
    Distinction D 75% - 84%
    Credit C 65% - 74%
    Pass P 50% - 64%
    Not Pass N 0% - 49%

Minimum Pass Requirement

SAO has a minimum pass requirement that has been endorsed by the Faculty of Information & Communication Technologies. In order to pass any SAO Unit, students must achieve a final total mark of 50% or more, plus students must achieve at least 35% in each individual "Major Assessment Component". A Major Assessment Component is any piece of assessment which carries a weighting of at least 15% of the total mark available for the Unit. This means that each assessment task (newsgroup contributions, essay, CMTs and project) are all considered Major Assessment Components and thus students much achieve a grade of at least 35% in each of these assessment tasks in order to pass the unit. If the minimum performance standard is not met, a final grade of 45% will be awarded for the Unit.