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The BL Lac object OJ 287 is the only known extragalactic source showing convincing evidence of a major periodical component in its optical emission. A popular model suggests it has a binary supermassive blackhole in its nucleus.

OJ 287 is one of the best observed BL Lac objects: observations date back for over 100 years. Historical light curves show several large major outbursts, that occur every 11-12 years with a double peak structure. The next outburst is expected to occur in 2006-2007.

Light Curve 1891-1997 - courtesy A. Sillanpää

There already exists an observing program on OJ 287 based at Tuorla Observatory, Finland and the following web site gives finder chart, observing strategy and contact information. We recommend that SAO Observers contribute to the Tuorla Observatory observing campaign.


08h 54m 48.88s +20d 06m 30.6s (2000.0)

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