NYSF students visit Molonglo

The National Youth Science Forum (NYSF) hosts 12 day residential program for students entering year 12 who are passionate about science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM).

On 8th and 11th Jan, about 50 students in the 2016 program visited Molonglo and toured the telescope site, the supercomputing facilities and watched live operations observing pulsars and searching for Fast Radio Bursts.

Screenshot - 190116 - 10:05:19

Charlotte Brew has written up the experience here:

  • Dick Hunstead, the Observatory director, spoke about what radio telescopes can detect and how we use Molonglo to map the Southern heavens.
  • Duncan Campbell-Wilson spoke to the students on the real world engineering and operational requirements of an active research site.
  • Ding Yang, who has just joined the site team after graduating with a degree in Engineering from the University of Sydney, talked about the motivation to study engineering (and which kind!), the path through university and search tips for employment.
  • Chris Flynn demonstrated the telescope live (remotely from Swinburne University) and introduced the concepts of pulsars and fast radio bursts.

Thanks to all concerned for a very successful day!