A New Zeal for Old Galaxies

Henri Plana                        Mass Distribution in Hickson Compact Groups of Galaxies

First day: monday 26th
Duncan Forbes                                               Welcome
Morning session - Chair: Peter Cottrell
Duncan Forbes & Jean Brodie                         Invited Talk 1: A New Zeal for globular clusters
Trevor Mendel                                                Testing the robustness of stellar population model predictions
Andrés Jordán                                                The central regions and the globular clusters of early-type galaxies
Kenji Bekki                                                    Globular cluster - galaxy connections in old early-type galaxies
Eric Peng                                                      Diffuse star clusters and ultra-compact dwarf galaxies
Afternoon session - Chair: Thomas Puzia
Michael Fellhauer                                          The bifurcation of the Sagittarius stream
Holger Baumgardt                                         The influence of gas expulsion on the evolution of star clusters
Pavel Kroupa                                                What are the dSph satellites?
Mark Ammons                                               CATS: Center for Adaptive Optics Treasury Survey of distant galaxies, supernovae, and AGN's
Andrew Hopkins                                            Spatially distributed star-formation and galaxy environment
Peter Cottrell                                                New Zealand astronomy: an overview...

Second day: tuesday 27th
Morning session - Chair: Michael Albrow
Rosemary Wyse                                              Invited Talk 2: Observational constraints on dark matter from the Local Group
Christopher Conselice                                    The evolution of massive galaxies at z < 2
Michele Cappellari                                        A new view of early-type galaxies
Harald Kuntschner                                        Secondary star formation in early-type galaxies
Robert Proctor                                              The fundamental plane of old galaxies using the 6dFGS
Sara Ellison                                                  Close pairs of galaxies in the SDSS: star formation, AGN fractions and the luminosity metallicity relation
Afternoon session - Chair: Frazer Pearce
Kazuaki Ota                                                  Lyalpha emitters at redshift z=7 and its implications for reionization
Neal Katz                                                      Invited Talk 3: Birth of the cool
Darren Croton                                              AGN feedback and its influence on massive galaxy evolution
Trevor Ponman                                             The IGM as a probe of galaxy evolution
Christy Tremonti                                           Post-starburst galaxies and fossil Galactic winds: new insights into feedback and the evolution of early-type galaxies

Third day: wednesday 28th
Morning session - Chair: Heath Jones
Michael Blanton                                            Invited Talk 4: How the environments of galaxies affect their formation
Claudia Mendes de Oliveira                          Fossil groups: stellar populations and luminosity functions
Michael Merrifield                                        S0s are dead spirals
Meghan Gray                                               STAGES: revealing galaxy evolution in dense environments
Kim-Vy Tran                                                Galaxy-galaxy merging in groups prior to cluster assembly
Free afternoon

Fourth day: thursday 29th
Morning session - Chair: Jean Brodie
Andrew Benson                                             Invited Talk 5: Modeling galaxy formation
Matthias Steinmentz                                      The formation of the Galaxy's old stellar halo and of its satellite system
Alyson Brooks                                              The origin and evolution of the mass-metallicity relationship
Fabio Governato                                          How to form realistic disk galaxies in Lambda CDM SPH simulations
Karl Glazebrook                                           Invited Talk 6: An invited talk on the variation of galaxy properties with redshift
Omar Almaini                                              First results from the UKIDSS ultra-deep survey
Afternoon session - Chair: Alister Graham
Kate Brand                                                  Optically faint luminous infrared galaxies at z~2: the progenitors of today's old massive galaxies
Simon Driver                                               The Millennium Galaxy Catalogue: bimodality, dust and stellar mass functions
Taddy Kodama                                            Panoramic views of cluster evolution since z=3: build-up of the red sequence of galaxies
Holland Ford                                              The evolution of galaxies and clusters of galaxies from z~7 to 1: ACS Team highlights
Marcin Sawicki                                           Sub-L* galaxies at high redshift, or: the long faint tail at z > 2
Sune Toft                                                    Extremely compact massive quiescent galaxies at z ~ 2.5

Fifth day: friday 30th
Morning session - Chair: Elaine Sadler
Sarah Brough                                              Galaxy groups in the Local Universe
Virginia Kilborn                                          Determining the evolution of groups from HI and X-ray observations
Michael Brown                                            The assembly of red galaxies
Stuart Wyithe                                               Invited Talk 7: Galaxy formation and cosmic reionization
Alan Stockton                                              SEDS and morphologies of massive galaxies with old stellar populations at z ~ 2.5
Angela Hempel                                            Star formation galaxies at z > 6 and beyond
Afternoon session - Chair: Warrick Couch
Garth Illingworth                                          Galaxy Build-up in the First 2 Gyrs
Nick Seymour                                              The massive hosts of radio galaxies across cosmic time
Brian O'Shea                                               Population III stars as galaxy progenitors
Chris Blake                                                 Where do luminous red galaxies form?
Duncan Forbes                                           Goodbye