The Environments of Galaxies, Crete 2004: e-Proceedings

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Monday 9th August 2004

Invited Talk 1: R. Ibata "Content and Structure of galaxy halos" email:

R. Ibata spiral_gas.avi (50Mb)

R. Braun "The Extended Envir. around M31" email:

J. Brodie "GC sub-pops and galaxy assembly" email:

M. Hilker "GC swapping in Cent. and Hydra I" email:

M. Kleinheinrich "DM halos from COMBO-17" email:

Invited Talk 2: J. Bland-Hawthorn "Outflows and Recycling"

Y. Matsuda "Structure at z=3.1" email:

M. Ehle "Hot gaseous halos" email:

F. Fraternali "Gas in the halo of spirals"

P.-A. Duc "Recycling in the galaxy environment" email:

Tuesday 10th August 2004

Invited Talk 3: F. Pearce "Cooling, preheating and feedback" email:

G. Kacprzak "Galaxy-halo and gas connection 0.5 email:

D. Keres "How do galaxies get their gas?" email:

R. Dave "Early stellar mass growth in sims." email:

E. O'Sullivan "Cool cores in galaxy groups" email:

M. Rauch "Galactic feedback in high z IGM"

Invited Talk 4: T. Ponman "ICM/IGM properties" email:

F. Nicastro "Intergalactic medium" email:

J. Vrtilek "Sharp images of groups, Chandra/XMM" email:

I. Sakelliou "Galaxy Wakes" email:

E. Schumacher "Ram pressure stripping in clusters" email:

E. Schumacher Mpg (10.6Mb)

B. Vollmer "Environmental effects on Virgo spirals" email:

Wednesday 11th August 2004

Invited Talk 5: M. Balogh "Gals in different environs - observational" email:

J. Davies "Dwarf LSB gals in Virgo" email:

M. Blanton "Gal. structure, sf-history and environ." email:

A. Berlind "Galaxy groups in the SDSS" email:

E. Bell "Cosmic Butcher-Oemler effect" email:

W. Couch "Environment of E+A galaxies" email:

Thursday 12th August 2004

Invited Talk 6: R. Somerville "Gals in different environs - theoretical" email:

D. Forbes "Galaxies in low density environs" email:

D. Forbes n3783HI.avi (34Mb)

V. Kilborn "Gas in galaxy groups" email:

M. Geha "Dwarf gals in groups" email: mgeha at

L. Moustakas "Massive galaxies from Spitzer" email:

C. Mendes "Kinematics in CGs" email:

S. Brough "Brightest cluster galaxies" email:

D. Schiminovich "UV perspective of galaxy environments"

Invited Talk 7: B. Moore "Galaxy transformation processes"

H. Kuntschner "Stellar pops of E/S0s with SAURON" email:

L. Mayer "Hierarchical structure formation"

A. Aragon-Salamanca "The formation of S0s" email:

Friday 13th August 2004

B. Poggianti "Todays passive gals in the past" email:

L. Verdes-Montenegro "Isolated gals versus CGs" email:

K-V Tran "Post-starburst gals at intermediate z"

Y. Yang "E+A galaxies at z=0" email: Note: this is a pdf file

A. Coil "The DEEP2 survey" email: acoil@astron.Berkeley.EDU

D. Thomas "Early-type galaxy formation in clusters" email:

A. Benson "Morphology-density relation in clusters" email:

A. Benson halo_anim.mpg (27Mb)

Invited Talk 8: R. Bower "Evolution of groups and clusters" email:

R. Bower Mpg (1.9Mb)

M. Bergmann "Galaxy formation during 1/2 of the universe" email:

T. Kodama "Spectroscopy and imaging of clusters" email: Note: this is a pdf file

A. Maselli "Proximity effect around high-z gals" email:

A. Stanford "SIRTF/IRAC obs. of high-z clusters" email: Note: this is a pdf file

animations that I haven't associated yet with particular talks - BW.mpg (2Mb)


A. Carrillo et al. * C. Ferrari et al. * C. Haines et al. * O. Hernandez et al. * T.Idiart et al. * F. La Barbera et al. * P. Merluzzi et al. * A. Mercurio et al. * S. Temporin

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