Galactic Chemodynamics V

July 9-11, 2003
Melbourne, Australia

Swinburne University Centre for Astrophysics & Supercomputing

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First Announcement

Dear Colleagues:

We are pleased to announce that from July 9-11, 2003, the Cosmology & Galaxy Formation Group of the Swinburne University Centre for Astrophysics & Supercomputing will host The 5th Workshop on Galactic Chemodynamics (GCD-V). Situated in beautiful Melbourne, Australia, GCD-V will be an intensive workshop, aimed primarily at establishing and maintaining collaborative links throughout the GCD world. To ensure we meet these collaborative goals, we have had to restrict attendance to 30 invited participants.

It has been eight years since the 4th GCD workshop was held at Ringberg Castle; these eight years have seen significant advances in both computational and observational galaxy evolution. GCD-V will bring together the leaders in these fields, in order to galvanise efforts related to the deconstruction of the Milky Way's evolutionary history - the Rosetta Stone of galaxy formation. Topics to be covered during GCD-V include:

  • the formation of the Milky Way in a CDM universe: merging versus smooth accretion
  • the connection between the halo, bulge, and thick+thin disk components
  • correlations between chemical and dynamical properties of stars in the Milky Way
  • the (homogeneous and/or inhomogeneous) chemical enrichment history of galaxies
  • evolution of the Galactic multi-phase ISM
  • self-regulating star formation & chemodynamics
  • computational methods of galaxy evolution (N-body, SPH, AMR)

The GCD-V web site ( will be regularly updated during the next few months and will include more information about the conference program, registration, accommodation, and proceedings.

The IAU General Assembly is being held in Sydney subsequent to GCD-V. Those interested in participating can obtain further information and instructions on how to register on the GA web page (

We look forward to seeing you in Melbourne in 2003!


Brad Gibson - Andi Burkert - Dieter Hartmann - Gerhard Hensler - Daisuke Kawata
The GCD-V Organising Committee

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