"Sparkler" Talks

1.Daniel Bayliss (ANU) Near-IR emission spectra of transiting extrasolar planets
2.Simon O'Toole (AAO) Imaging circumbinary substellar companions
3.Paul Dobbie (AAO) White dwarfs in star clusters
4.Stuart Ryder (AAO) Finding hidden supernovae with the GMT
5.Scott Croom (USyd) Multi-object integral field spectroscopy
6.Will Saunders (AAO) Fibre-fed spectrographs for GMT?
7.Guy Moonet (AAO) Visible AO capabilities through segmentation?
8.Sarah Brough (AAO) Intra-cluster light with the GMT
9.Adrian Malec (Swinb) Probing fundamental constants with GMT
10.Emily Wisnioski (Swinb) IFU spectroscopy with GMT
11.Glen Kacprzak (Swinb) DLA host galaxies at high redshift
12.Evelyn Caris (Swinb) Galaxy morphology in the high redshift universe
13.Andy Green (Swinb) Evolving star formation in HII regions with redshift

Last Updated: Apr 02 2012