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Synergies between ASKAP and Large Optical/IR Surveys

What: A discussion meeting on the synergies between ASKAP and large optical/IR surveys will take place at Swinburne University on Sep 25 & 26.
Where & When: Sep 25-26, Swinburne University. Scheduled Talks will take place in the lecture theatre and discussion sessions in the staff room.
RSVP is essential. Please email Ilana Feain
TRAVEL: Please note that the AFL Grand Final is on in Melbourne on Saturday September27th so if you are planning to come to this meeting please lock in your flights and accommodation straight away!
Venue: The recommended hotel is the Richmond Hill hotel (close to the train for an easy ride here, there is nothing nearer).
Meeting Organisers: Ilana Feain (ATNF), Simon Johnston (ATNF) & Karl Glazebrook (Swinburne)


Thursday 25 September
Science, synergies & survey design
09:15 - 16:30


09:15 - Introduction (Ilana Feain)

09:30 - ASKAP HI science overview (Lister Staveley-Smith)

10:00 - ASKAP continuum science overview (Andrew Hopkins) PDF talk

10:30 - coffee break

10:45 - Optical/IR survey science overview (Spectroscopic) Scott Croom  PDF talk

11:15 - Optical/IR survey science overview (Photometric) Simon Driver

11:45 - general discussion (i) what are the key science synergies? Karl Glazebrook

13:00 - lunch

14:00 - general discussion (ii) survey design (Robert Braun)

15:15 - general discussion (iii) follow up observations of large surveys (Terry Bridges)

16:30 - end day 1


Friday 26 September
ASKAP Science Survey Projects
09:30 - 02:30


09:30 - Summary of ASKAP Science Survey Projects & Teams (Ilana Feain)

10:00 - discussion (iv) organisation of ASKAP survey science teams (Rachel Webster)

10:45 - coffee break

11:00 - discussion (iv) continued (Ilana Feain)

11:30 - ASKAP source finding & software instruments (Matt Whiting)

12:30 - lunch

13:30 - summary (Simon Johnston)

14:30 - end meeting