Rhythm Online Manual

  • Current Version: 1.36
  • Known Bugs:
    • Bad parameters in the tempo output cause strange things to happen.
Rhythm is a GUI for TEMPO, it provides a user friendly environment for the analysis of pulsar timing data. It supports Princeton & Parkes TOA formats, along with the Psrclock TOA format. It also understand the PSRCHIVE scheme and is therefore capable of displaying and manipulating the archive files associated with your TOAs, provided you include the filenames in the auxilliary information.

Rhythm can be given the name of a toa file and an ephemeris on the command line. If neither is specified the program will prompt you with a dialog box when run. Both ephemeridies and toa files can be opened and closed during a session. Rhythm also keeps a history of all changes to its current ephemeris. Rhythm treats the pulsar ephemeris as a separate modular entity, with it's own dedicated display panel. An example is shown below:

The plotting tools, toas and fitting commands are handled by the main window, an example of which is shown below. You can choose a number of different toa parameters to display graphically, or view a list of the toas themselves.

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Last Updated 27/08/2003