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Rocket Launch
Credit: Swinburne

Secondary School Tours

AstroTours for secondary school students venture beyond the planets of the Solar System and focus primarily on stars, galaxies and cosmology. Your AstroTour guide may begin by investigating the life and death of stars through the 3D movies: Our Sun and After Stars, or may show Spinning in Space leading into a discussion of galaxies and large scale structure in the Universe. We have many animations and simulations that can be used with high school audiences and teachers are invited to customise the AstroTour to suit the interests of their students. Each student will have access to a pair of special 3D glasses, adding a whole other dimension to their learning experience!


Seats available:55 (max)
Duration: 50 minutes
Cost:$8.80 per student (inc GST)


School group bookings can be made for any time. Simply choose the date and time you would like to have your AstroTour, and we will accomodate your request if possible. You will need to provide the year level attending, name of school, contact person and phone number.


Dr Rebecca Allen

Follow our directions to Swinburne University and the VR theatre on the day of your booking.