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Movie NameExtreme Places
Runtime13 minutes
Mars Rover
DescriptionWe have sent explorers to the farthest reaches of our Solar System, to send back information about the most extreme environments imaginable. Using cutting edge animation and data collected by the probes themselves, Extreme Places brings to life these landscapes in stunning HD 3D.
Travel with these tiny machines from the crushing atmosphere of Venus to the icy-depths of Jupiter's moon Europa. See the Rover's battle a choking sandstorm on Mars, the volcanic eruptions on Jupiter's moon Io, and descend with the Huygens probe through the mysterious atmosphere of Saturn's moon Titan.
They've been there... now it's your turn.
ApplicationGreyhound movie player
Main Controls
  1. < spacebar > = Toggle pause
  2. Esc = Quit
KeywordsMars, Venus, Io, Europa, Titan
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