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DiFX is a suite of programs which allow the correlation of interferometric baseband radio data. It is designed to run on in a cluster computing environment, and uses MPI to enable parallel processing. The main program is mpifxcorr (the actual software correlator) but there are a bunch of associated programs handling geometric model generation, FITS file building etc. DiFX has been compiled and tested on Suse 9.x Linux, but should run on any 32 or 64 bit Linux machine with a 2.6 kernel. DiFX is described in detail in Deller, Tingay, Bailes & West 2007, PASP, 119, 318

DiFX is freely available for non-commercial use - however, we request that you fill and and return a copy of our license agreement. For any questions, please contact Adam Deller at .

All of the information contained on the linked pages below is now a little out of date. Up-to-date information is maintained on the DiFX wiki: If you want to download DiFX, I strongly recommend that you join the difx-users mailing list at

More about DiFX
Documentation for running DiFX
Source code documentation
Description of the ascii control file formats
Known limitations and wishlist